Youth Soccer League Registration

Team registration now closed for the 2017 Winter Youth Indoor Soccer Leagues



Next youth indoor session will be Fall 2017.

Review the Soccer Rules 2015 and 16

Click links below to register your team online for the Youth Indoor Soccer Leagues

Boys League

Girls League

Boys U9 A: Born 2008

Girls U9 A: Born 2008

Boys U9 B: Born 2008

Girls U9 B: Born 2008

Boys U10 A: Born 2007

Girls U10 A: Born 2007

Boys U10 B: Born 2007

Girls U10 B: Born 2007

Boys U11 A: Born 2006

Girls U11 A: Born 2006

Boys U11 B: Born 2006

Girls U11 B: Born 2006

Boys U12 A: Born 2005

Girls U12 A: Born 2005

Boys U12 B: Born 2005

Girls U12 B: Born 2005

Boys U13 A: Born 2004

Girls U13 A: Born 2004

Boys U13 B: Born 2004

Girls U13 B: Born 2004

Boys U14 A: Born 2003

Girls U14 A: Born 2003

Boys U14 B: Born 2003

Girls U14 B: Born 2003

Boys U15 A: Born 2002

Girls U15 A: Born 2002

Boys U15 B: Born 2002

Girls U15 B: Born 2002

Boys U16 A: Born 2001

Girls U16 A: Born 2001

Boys U16 B: Born 2001

Girls U16 B: Born 2001


Girls U17 A: Born 2000


Girls U17 B: Born 2000


Girls U18 A: Born 1999


Girls U18 B: Born 1999