Just Play Camp:

The RAC has a new offering and this one is just for kids!

Just Play is a summer camp designed to get kids moving and having fun learning about sports. Is your child curious about playing organized sports? This camp will offer a glimpse into what that environment is like. We know how important playing is for a child's social and physical development. To that end, we are creating an environment where kids can be kids and Just Play!

Just Play Summer camp is a 4-day camp aimed at getting kids active and moving. We will offer an array of different sports and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. All skill levels are welcome. Just Play is designed to get all bodies moving! Each day will aim to highlight different ways to get active so there will be something for everyone. They may even discover a new favorite sport!

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For more information about our Just Play Camp, email jschocken@resoluteac.com.

Just Play Camp Sports Schedule:

Typical camp schedule:

Monday: Just Play! This is a day of gym class style activities and sports (Relay Races, Kickball, Frisbee, Tag)

Tuesday: Learn to Play Soccer. Go through basic drills to learn the sport. Play in small group games leading to a full scrimmage

Wednesday: The Basics of Flag Football. Learn how to pass and catch a football. Work on defense and offense techniques. Work up to 5v5 games.

Thursday: SPORTS EXTRAVAGANZA! Campers will vote each day on their favorite activities and today will be the highlights of the week!