Resolute Athletic Complex

Orthopedic ONE partners with the Resolute Athletic Complex to provide sports medicine coverage throughout the year for league play. The on-site Sports Medicine Clinic is free to RAC athletes

O1 Certified Athletic Trainers are on-site during posted office hours to respond to any acute injury which may occur and to provide general first aid at the on-site Sports Medicine Clinic. Our athletic trainers can offer injury prevention techniques and take an individualized approach to assessments and treatment when an injury occurs.

How to Utilize Athletic Trainers

You may have seen some friendly faces around the RAC tending to injured athletes both on and off the field. These are our Orthopedic ONE Athletic Trainers! Athletic trainers (ATs) specialize in sports medicine; ATs diagnose and treat athletic related injuries, know how to rehabilitate them properly, and know how to return an athlete to sport. Athletic trainers are also there for the big bad stuff, and they are very knowledgeable about how to treat a variety of medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, asthma attacks, broken bones or dislocated joints.

Below are several ways you can utilize your on-site trainers and how it will be essential to the health and safety of your athletes.

  • Having an AT on-site ensures the safety of the athletes and spectators who attend your sporting event. Our Orthopedic ONE Athletic Trainers can help identify injuries that just occurred or aches and pains that have been bothering you for a while. Providing an AT who is prepared to act on unexpected situations that may occur could mean the difference between a healthy recovery and lifelong pain or injury.


  • Your on-site athletic trainer is also an educator. ATs are professionals when it comes to emergency planning. If you don’t know the answer, they will help determine the best way to keep your athletes safe. Looking for a plan when severe weather hits? They can help. Need an idea on how to keep your athletes hydrated and cool after a long summer tournament? They can help.


  • Being an educator also means they can aid in injury prevention, both general information and specific to the athlete and their condition. Your AT will be able to help educate the athlete, coach, and families about a specific injury, or general sports medicine questions.


RAC Blog Post-Ask an AT

Orthopedic ONE Athletic Trainers are at the RAC during the following times throughout the spring and summers seasons:

  • Weekdays: 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.
  • Weekends: Periodically, typically in conjunction with a specific event

The Orthopedic ONE AT Room is located between the West and East fields behind the weight room.

Feel free to stop by the AT Room during these times to discuss specific injuries or general sports medicine-related questions.

If the onsite athletic trainer feels an appointment with an orthopedic physician is warranted, they can schedule one for you at one of our Orthopedic ONE clinics, oftentimes the next day.


Orthopedic ONE would like to provide the following resources to RAC clients:

If you have experienced an injury that does not require immediate attention, would like to schedule an injury consultation, or if you have general questions regarding sports medicine care, please feel free to contact the Orthopedic ONE Sports Injury Hotline. The Certified Athletic Trainer on call will receive messages seven days a week and will return calls between the hours of 8 am and 7 pm. This service provides a no-cost consultation with an Orthopedic ONE Certified Athletic Trainer. Should an appointment with a physician be required, traditional patient visit costs do apply.

About Orthopedic ONE

Orthopedic ONE, Ohio's largest, physician-owned orthopedic practice, offers a world-class roster of sports medicine experts with decades of experience treating professional, collegiate, high school, club, and recreational athletes of all ages. Orthopedic ONE Physicians, Physical Therapists, and Certified Athletic Trainers work together to achieve a unified goal - returning athletes to pre-injury condition. With locations throughout central Ohio and nearly 60 orthopedic physicians, Orthopedic ONE represents a range of specialties from total joint replacement to hand, foot, and spine surgery, to physical medicine and rehabilitation.

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